Ladies and Gentlemen, dear friends!

Our non-profit organization, the International Association of Folk Culture, or in German, Verein Internationale Volkskultur e.V., has just completed production on the movie "Five Evenings or Adventures of a Dentist".

We are planning the film's world premiere for Thursday, 14 November 2013. It has to be an international event that takes place simultaneously at many locations in different countries. Many German public-access television channels have already become our partners. We are going to organize a video conference to allow and enable direct contacts between the movie makers and the international audience.

So, we invite you to watch the film "Five Evenings or Adventures of a Dentist" on this link - - the link will work only on 14 November 2013. You can switch on the English subtitles there.

Some brief information about the film:

"Five Evenings" is a 90-minute movie we produced in 2012-2013, in which the film makers have told a compelling story for a broad audience. This movie is about human relationships, obsessive memories, broken promises and other emotive subjects. The film's language is German, but it's possible to attach subtitles in English, Russian or Ukrainian, while some other languages will be added soon.

The film was made without private or public funding or any other form of financial support, because all the contributors in the film freely volunteered their time and skills to make it happen. The film will be shown later on open-channel TV and screened at several film competitions, as well as being released on a wide variety of media.

The trailer for the film "Five Evenings" can be seen here:

The film's Facebook page:

We're sure people will enjoy watching our film!

Thank you for your time and your attention. Please contact us if you require further any information and we'll be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Best regards
Tatiana Gratchev, Alexander Borodynja
Verein Internationale Volkskultur e.V.,, E-mail: admin[at]

We're grateful to the British author, writer and presenter Dennis Price for his assistance.

Trailer (German)

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